something to wear

Infinite AR - Episode 24760

"As wong as we gonna be wike dis, we shouwd atweast wear something." Said their mother. "I guess your wight." Said kati. Kati searched the house for something to wear, but the best she could find was one of her shirts for her mother that now fit like a dress over her, and sme oversized panties for herself that she tied with a rubber band. Jim still had nothing to wear. Out of the corner of her eye katis mother spotted their phone. "Kati! Kati! We can call fow hewp on da phone!" kati went over to the phone. She could barely read and couldn't really remember anyones number. Luckily there was a white card with a few names and numbers scribbled on it. Kati attempted to read them. "Sh-Shawon (jims girlfriend)" "Kewwy (katis friend)" "dads work" "gwanma and gwampa" that was it. Kati called...

  1. sharon
  2. kelly
  3. dad
  4. their grandparents

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12/13/2012 11:54:57 PM

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