kati walks in

Infinite AR - Episode 24746

Jims door suddenly opened. "What's all the noise in here?" Asked kati. "Why are there babies in my brothers room?" "Kati!" Yelled her mother "Its me! Youwe mommy!" Kati looked baffled. "Mom?" "Yes!" Said her mother. "Jim is over there." She pointed at the 3 month old jim. "H-how did this happen?" Asked kati "Jim had a way gun, and he tuwned us both into babies." Complained her mother "Where's the gun now?" Wondered kati "It bwoke" said the almost-sobbing mom. "Here let me do something." Said kati. Kati...

  1. takes her mom and jim to the bath
  2. tries to find a way to make them older
  3. gets regressed by the remaining energy in the room

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12/13/2012 11:31:55 PM

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