Perfect English

Infinite AR - Episode 24621

Trent pulled the trigger and watched as she shrank into a baby like Ben, Lily was now a small baby just like Ben baby Lily turned her head and looked at baby Ben they then began screaming in little high voices. " oh my god we are babies " screamed Lily " I know it will tack me forever to get all that muscle back " said Ben, Trent was confused that they were still speaking perfect english Trent then turned around and grabed Katie's and Candy's arms and pulled them into the kitchen so they could talk. " what is going on " asked Trent " what do you mean " said Katie " why can they still talk " he said " it's the mind button we never turned it back on " said Katie.

  1. The babies try to escape
  2. Turn the mind button back on
  3. The police knock at the door

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2/3/2013 6:44:34 AM

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