Baby and mommy get changed

Infinite AR - Episode 2460

When the light subsides, jim is lying on the floor, sucking his thumb. "Ha! now lets see how you like it." sharon then notices that the front of jims diaper is turning a shade of yellow. " looks like baby needs his diaper changed." sharon starts to get up but as she gets up she feels her own diaper sagging. " looks like mommy needs her diaper changed too." sharon walks over to jim, picks him up, and takes him to her room. She then changes him into a new diaper. She then removes her own diaper and diapers herself. She can feel the bulk between her legs when she walked. " at least I'll be out of these soon." thought sharon. She then walked over to jim, sleeping in her bed and wonders what to do with him now.

  1. She changes him back
  2. She phisically regresses him
  3. she decides to take care of him like a baby
  4. She takes advantage of him
  5. Something Else

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2/16/2006 9:01:11 AM

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