Yummy Pelican Food

Infinite AR - Episode 24374

Unfortunately for Jim his time as a fish was short lived. As Jim was settling into his new environment he heard a splash sound followed by a yellow beak in the water. Jim tried his best to swim away, but he didn't react in time and quickly found himself inside the beak of the yellow predator

Jim thrashed around in the mighty maw and struggled the best he could, but all that earned him was a 1 way trip down the birds esophagus with 3 gulps

No matter what Jim was in another life, all that mattered now was that he was a meal. In the end Jim realized that he was food, noting more nothing less. In a few hours the bird will have completely dissolved Jim's body and moved onto another fish to take the same trip Jim had taked

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11/18/2012 10:59:38 PM

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