Split Up

Infinite AR - Episode 24288

The door opens and Katie comes in " ooh it's just you " said Luke " What are you doing in my room? " she asked " Zack told me to help him in here " said Luke " Were is he? " she said Luke smiled and pulled out the small baby from under the bed and showed him to Katie. " Is that Zack? " asked Katie " Yes I used the gun on him " he said then Zack started to cry, it bellowed all throw the house Luke put his hand over the baby's mouth in hopes that Jim didn't hear it. " Do you think he heard him " asked Luke " I don't think so " she answered the two slowly walked down the stairs leaving Zack up in Katie's room. " Were is Jim " asked Luke " I don't know " answered Katie " You look in the Kachin I'll look in the back yard " she said. As the two split up to find Jim, Katie goon outside and Luke looking in the Kachin. Katie went out the back door into the yard but no one was there she then heard a yell coming from inside the house, she ran to the kechin to find.

  1. Luke was a baby and Jim had the gun
  2. Jim was a baby and Luke had the gun

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11/8/2012 5:42:02 AM

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