I look good

Infinite AR - Episode 24277

" Ok " said Candy as Trent did Candy removed all of her clothes, Katie and Trent looked away Katie pulled the trigger the beam went for Candy. She started to grow she looked at her chest and saw large beasts come in, she gained more of a hour glass figure after it stoped she bent down to get Mrs Knight's clothes. " Ok do I look good or what " said Candy " I still look better then you " said Trent " Ok my turn " said Katie she then gave the gun to Trent she took off her clothes " Ok i'am ready FIRE " Katie said to Trent. Trent then shoot the gun at Katie her brown heir started to grow longer, she grow breasts and she was soon taller then Candy but shorter then Trent, she went over to get the clothes and put them now all three of them wear adults now " How old are we " Trent asked " I set the gun for 22 years old " said Katie. They then walked ou of the lounge into the hallway.

  1. They just walk out of the school
  2. A Teacher asks how they are

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11/7/2012 5:35:01 AM

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