Infinite AR - Episode 24275

Luke pulled the trigger on the gun, Zack felt himself geting smaller he looked behind he to see that his brother had the gun. Zack felt his clothes geting baggier he and Luke were now the same size Zack went for the door but Luke grabed him by the leg and pulled him back Zack was now 9 years old and couldn't break free Zack then yelled out " JIM HELP " in a much softer voice. Luke covered his brothers mouth with his hand Zack was still shrinking he was now only 4 years old he was tangled in his oversized clothes he could not run from his much larger brother Luke. Luke heard foot steps come up te stairs he pushed his now baby brother under the bed and rised the gun at the door and witing for how may come throw the door

  1. Jim comes in
  2. Katie comes in

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11/7/2012 5:51:33 AM

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