Infinite AR - Episode 24272

" I will go first " said Trent, Katie turn the Mind Button off " What is that " asked Candy " This is the Mind Button with it off the gun will only age the body not the mind " she said " So is that what happened to Mr Coners " asked Candy " Yes that's what had him think like a teenager " she said. Trent took off all his clothes because he didn't want them to get ripped the girls looked away from him Katie pulled the trigger the beam then hit Trent. Trent looked down at his body as it grow he got much taller like a Basketball Player a got a small six pack and bics Trent looked at the girls he was now twice there size he grabed Mr Longwood's clothes from the floor and put them on. " Ok you can look now " he said the girls could not believe how tall he got " Wow you look good " said Katie " Thanks " said Trent " Ok then do you want to go next Candy " Katie asked.

  1. Candy is next
  2. Katie is next
  3. A Teacher comes in

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11/6/2012 6:18:20 AM

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