An Idea

Infinite AR - Episode 24232

As the three of them walked down the halls Candy and Trent looked over at the wall were Mr Coners or Andrew was making out with the girl he was flirting with " Wow he works fast " said Trent. Then Katie had an idea " Guys we should sneak out of school " said Katie Candy then looked back at Katie and said " What, how do we do that " " We use the gun to make us older " she replied " But the gun doesn't work on clothes " Trent said " We turn some teachers into babys and tack there clothes " answered Katie " I'am OK with that " said Trent " me two " said Candy. The three went to the Teachers Lounge to find a victim Candy fawned her Art Teacher Mrs Knight wearing her Red Skirt and Jacket, Trent saw Mr Longwood he was a tall man with his Black Vest and Tie, Katie saw Mrs Longwood she was Mr Longwood's wife she had her Jeans and a Blue Blouse. Katie aimed the gun as Candy and Trent watched for people coming Katie pulled the trigger the beam hit the three Teachers, Katie watched them shrink not soon after she looked down at the three small babys on the floor covered in oversized clothes Candy and Trent came in and locked the door and closed the curtains " OK how wants to go first? " Katie asked.

  1. Katie
  2. Candy
  3. Trent

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