Hay Good Looking

Infinite AR - Episode 24226

Katie then pulled the trigger the beam of light hit Mr Coners, he started to get thiner losing his stubble and his clothes became a bit baggy. The now younger Mr Coners looked around the room and said " YOOOO!! What Up my pips " the students had no idea what just happened they all steered at the 18 year old " YO dose anyone know were I am " he asked but before anyone could answer Mr Coners looked over at one of the older girls in the front row and said " Hey good looking are you doing anything this Friday night " the girl looked into his face " Mr Coners are you OK " she asked " Am I OK with a girl like you how can't I be and call me Andrew " he said. Katie couldn't believe what she sow the teacher that was all ways such a badass is now a cool, smooth, sweet talking teenager " so do you want to do something " he asked the girl " uuh sure " she said and two then walked out of the class room together. " Should we change him back " asked Candy " No way he is way cooler like this " said Trent " I agree with Trent it's beter for everyone and I don't he ever got married so it's not doing any harm " said Katie " Ok fine " said Candy soon everyone lifted the room.

  1. The three of them go to Lunch
  2. The three of them sneek out of School
  3. A bully picks on Candy and Trent

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11/3/2012 7:45:10 AM

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