Home Sweet Home

Infinite AR - Episode 24222

" We should go to your house and shoot Jim and Zack " he said " Sure " said Katie the two then ran to Katie's house to find Jim and Zack. The two got to Katie's house Katie looked in the window she saw Jim and Zack searching the house for the ray gun. Katie and Luke walked in the house it was turned upside down in there search for the ray gun Jim ran up to his sister and said " Katie we can't find the gun anywear we think someone has stolen it " but unknown to Jim Luke had it in his bag. Zack came down the stairs and said " Luke came and help me look " " Ok then " he answered the two walked up the stairs they then went into Katie's room Zack droped down to look under Katie's bed Luke then pulled out the gun and slowly aimed it at his brother.

  1. Zack becomes 13 years old
  2. Zack becomes 5 years old
  3. Zack becomes a baby
  4. Jim stops Luke

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11/6/2012 5:54:39 AM

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