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Infinite AR - Episode 24215

Soon after Trever got some clothes on the three of them went to home room and talked at the back of the room so no one could hear them " so were did this thing came from " asked Candy " my older brother Jim made it this-morning and I use the gun to make him 13 again " said katie " ok so what do we do with it " asked Trent " I don't know " said Candy " me nether " said Katie " so what we just use whenever we want " said Trent " I guss so " said Katie. Soon Mr Coners came in he was the most mean Teacher in the school no wonder he got along so well with Trever " shut up you little morons " he yelled he then sat down At the desk and had a drink from the coffee in his hand " ok your normal teacher Mrs Winters had her baby last night so she's at home resting " he yelled agian all the kids in the front looked like they were losing there hearing Katie never liked him so she then slowly pulled the gun out of her bag and pointed it under the desk.

  1. He becomes a baby
  2. He becomes a 10 year old
  3. He becomes a 18 year old

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10/31/2012 7:21:41 AM

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