Run !

Infinite AR - Episode 24210

Katie looked around for someone to use the gun on she then lead her eyes on Trever he was the leader of the Football and the most biggest guy in the school. " Hay Trent does Trever still pick on you " asked Katie " STILL he stuffed me into a bin the other day after someone throw up in it " said Trent " ok then watch this " she said with a smirk. Katie pointed the gun at Trever and fired a beam of light was shot at Trever. He was getting shorter as Candy and Trent looked in amazement to what was happening as Trever got smaller his muscles disappeared his pants then fell to the ground and his Football jersey now looked like a tent around him. The shrinking then stop Candy and Trent walked over to the now small baby Trever siting on the ground covered by a luge Football jersey " oh my god " screamed Candy picking up Trever. Trent looked in to the face of the small baby and said " so this is the same guy who has tormented me and a bunch of others for all these years " baby Trever then began to cray soon everyone was looking for the source of the sound Katie, Candy and Trent then ran and hid behind a dumpster before anyone sow them " ok we believe you but what do we do about Trever " said Candy " i like him better like this " said Trent " what we have to turn him back " said Katie " do we really have to " mound Trent " yes we have to " said Katie " Candy put him down over there and I will shot him " said Katie " got it " said Candy " but once he is hit by the ray we must ran cause if he sees us will bet us up ok " said Katie " ok " said Candy and Trent. Candy went over and put the baby down on the ground Katie then shot the baby with the ray and the baby began to grow " RUN RUN " yelled Trent the three of them hid behind the corner Katie tock a quick look and there stowed Trever naked. Trever then looked down and sow he was naked and ran to find some clothes.

  1. Katie and Candy went to Math Class
  2. Katie and Trent went to Science Class
  3. All three of them went to Home Room

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10/30/2012 7:40:02 AM

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