Who's the kid now

Infinite AR - Episode 24172

Luke aimed the gun at the grounds keeper and pulled the trigger then a beam of light shot out and hit him. The grounds keeper felted himself begin to shrink his green overalls and T-shirt felted lose he then realized he was a bit shorter he held his overalls up to stop them from falling down. He was now half Luke's size Luke looked down at him and said " who's the stupid little kid now " " what did you do to me " he asked on a screed little voice " this ray gun can change a person age to what ever I want and you are now 7 years old " said Luke " please turn me back " he begged " no way now go home or you can go back to diapers " said Katie.

  1. The boy ran away
  2. He is turned into a baby

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10/29/2012 7:03:51 AM

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