My Friends

Infinite AR - Episode 23769

As Katie got off of the bus she walked over to meet up with her two best friends. Candy and Trent were her best friends in the world she know Candy ever since they were 5 years old but she has only know Trent for a month but it felt like they have bin friends forever. Katie walked over to them and said " hay guys I have something amazing to show you " Katie then pulls the ray gun out of her bag and showed it th them but they were not imprecated " what some stupid toy gun " said Candy " yea i'am sure I got an old toy like that at home " said Trent " no guys it is a gun that can change someones age " said Katie " no way " said Trent and Candy " no really it can do it " said Katie " ok then show us " said Trent. Katie looked around to find someone to use the gun on.

  1. The Leader of the Football Team ( Trever )
  2. The gym Teacher ( Mr Summers )
  3. The old Teacher ( Mrs Scout )

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10/29/2012 7:31:32 AM

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