Need to go now!

Infinite AR - Episode 23711

Ten minutes into the ride home Jim starts to feel the need to go to the restroom badly! "Um mom can we stop at a gas station please?" Jim's mom looks at him in the mirror to see him holding his croch. "Why ever do we need to stop dear? I don't need to get gas for the car and you should not be in need of the restroom since you could have gone before we left your school. So why would I need to stop there hunny?" She asks in a sugary sweet voice that for some reson makes Jim feel a bit scared of his mom. And thanks to that bit of himself that is scared of his mom, he starts to wet his pull-up. He tries to stop but only manages to make it slow down in coming out of him. His mom then hits a pothole in the road and Jim gets lifted just enough into the air that when he comes back down his bottom starts to hurt. It feels like he had just been spanked with a pattal or cain five times! It hurt that much. .................. .............. Another five minutes go by before Jim tries again "Um mom, can you please pull over so I can go potty? I really need to go!" "Awww hunny bunny if you need to go potty just go in you pull-up. Since it will take us another ten minutes before we get home. Just remember if you go poopy you will get put back into diapers young man!" His mom says in the same sweet tone of voice as before. .............. .............. Jim manages to hold out for another 9 minutes and he can just see their house coming up when his mom hits another pothole but unlike last time Jim can't keep himself from pooping in his pull-up and the smell is very bad! It smelled as if three full grown men had farted at the same time in a baby's nursery while a baby was getting a messy diaper changed! The poop also did not feel at all good to Jim since earlier that day Jim had some mild cramping. He hope would stop and not be a problem later. Well they where!

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Dieing of humiliation.

10/24/2015 11:09:15 AM

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