Breastfed and a Bowel Movement

Infinite AR - Episode 23641

Before Jim knows what else is going on, she undoes her top, revealing thos two, big, beautiful breasts. Then, as Jim is gaping in awe of their beauty, she reaches around the back of his head, grabbing his hair in the back, and pulls him to her, holding him firmly against her breast. After a few moments, Jim seems to have no choice, and find himself suckling hungrily. To his surprise, the Milks turns out to be quite pleasant, and Jim finds his body responding with an odd mixture of calm contentment, and sexual excitement. Finally, he has emptied her milk jugs, and he releases him from her grasp, leaving him stumbling and reading from the experience.

"Such a good boy!" She cooes, "Drinking up all Mammas milk! Now, tell me truly, you didn't enjoy that?"

Jim ignores the question, turning his body away to try and hid his huge erection. "I told you to leave me alone!"

Just as he is saying this though, he feels a massive rumbling in his tummy. Moment later, his anus erupts right into his pants! Jim blushes bright red, filled with humiliation and dispair. Meanwhile, "Mother" just grins at him

"Awwe, wooks wike someone made a stinky winky" she cooes, crinkling her nose and giggling. "I'm afraid that is the side effect of Mammas yummy mikems. Now, I know my baby boy doesn't want to have to stay in his messy pants and get a rash, so you just come over to Mamma and ask politely to be diapered."

  1. Do As She Says and Ask for a Diaper
  2. Run Away and Cry For Help
  3. Lie Down and Cry Like a Baby

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