Return to the Classroom

Infinite AR - Episode 23609

Heather decides to seen enough and decides to go back to her classroom and sleep and she does. Ashley soon falls asleep soon after. Rachael then wraps Ashley with paper towels as a makeshift blanket and carries her back to the classroom. Rachael ponders about her life now. Being a teen mom and having to get a job for her newborn baby girl.

Rachael comes back to the classroom. She sees everyone is still sleeping, she then takes off the makeshift blanket on Ashley, put a diaper and a blanket on her and put her down on a desk. Rachel herself sit down on her desk and sleeps from her exhaustion. Heather wakes up again and goes to see a sleeping Rachael and baby.

''So that is the baby, she looks puffy'' thought Heather.

Heather then goes back and gets her toy gun again.

  1. Heather hits Stacey next
  2. Heather hits Rachael next
  3. Heather randomly hits the other children
  4. Heather accidently hits herself
  5. Something Else

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8/28/2012 8:34:49 AM

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