Jim makes himself younger

Infinite AR - Episode 236

Jim thought he should join the two in youthhood, so he aimed the device at himself and fired and held on. Jim felt an unpleasant feeling. He felt his pubic hairs retreat a little, his clothes got bigger as he got smaller and younger. He also noticed something he never noticed something he didnt remember adding to the device's power, all eduacation that he aquired through the years up to the age he was now was vanishing. He couldnt remember the stuff he learned in college and in his senior year in high school. Jim stopped himself from getting any younger when he reached 15 like the two other girls. Then Jim...

  1. Began to hit on the girls
  2. turned everyone in McDonalds 15 years old
  3. made the girls even younger
  4. made himself even younger
  5. se

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11/15/2005 12:03:30 PM

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