Baby Dana

Infinite AR - Episode 2343

Jim sets the device and zaps Dana again. A light engulfs her and she begins to shrink.  She grows younger and younger, passing past toddler age as the room around her changes from plushie filled to pastel walls. Dana shrunk further, her clothing shrinking as her shorts turned into a think diaper and her blouse into a onesie.  When the light subsided, Dana was nearly bald and sitting on a padded pink rug.  She couldn't be any more then a year old. Jim smiled and looked at the device, then at what was now his baby sister.

'This could be a lot of fun.' He said to himself.

  1. Jim returns Dave to normal
  2. Jim makes Dana older, but keeps her a girl
  3. Jim tests the device on his parents
  4. Jim tests the device on his sister
  5. Jim is done testing the device

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3/20/2006 5:28:09 PM

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