Dana does her room

Infinite AR - Episode 2340

Jim messed with the setting on the device and got an evil grin on his face. He set the dieal again and zapped Dave. His body began to change as he looked in the mirror. He seemed to drop a few inches as he got thinner. His hair grew longer as his hips widened. His face changed, getting rounder as his skin tone seemed to soften.

His clothes changed also. His baggy jeans shortened, changing to denin hot pants. His shirt tightened, changing from a black t-shirt to a pink, short sleeved belly-shirt with the word 'Princess' plastered on the front. His nike tennis shoes changed, turning into yellow and green flip flops as his socks disappeared.

Dave felt a brief pinch in his lower regions as the changes completed with Dave's room changing.

Jim could hardly contain his laughter. He set the gun and zapped Dana again, this time mentally adjusting her to her new form.  She stopped shaking, now just examining herself in the mirror.

One thing was for sure. He loved this device.

  1. Jim is satisfied with his testing
  2. Jim decides to test it on the rest of his family
  3. Jim zaps Dana yet again.

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