Infinite AR - Episode 2339

Jim laughed silently while his now little brother looked on with shock at himself and the child he has become. Jim then decides he should change things, so he decides to make David the age he is mentally. He adjusts the gun accordingly then fires it straight at David. Almost immediately David forgets his past life. Now he just stands there wondering why was he staring at himself. "You okay squirt?" Jim said with a smile. David looked at his older brother and replied "What are doing? Get out of my room!" "Really?! Get out, you're telling me to get out." Jim says while going into the room to wrestle his now younger brother to the ground. "Whose room is this again?" Jim asked. Laughing while putting up a useless struggle David says "Alright, alright already. It's your room! Now let me go!" Jim gets off and says "That's right and don't you forget it." As he walks out smiling he turns around and says "Oh, mom said dinner will be ready soon." "Alright" David said. Jim smiled realizing how much fun this will be. Next he decided to...

  1. Test it on himself
  2. Test it on his family
  3. Test it on a stranger

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6/22/2013 12:11:10 AM

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