The Regression project

Infinite AR - Episode 2338

The day is January third, 2018 and in a far away in an underground lab a saintness is developing viruses for hellish abominations. It seems like everything he's done so far hasn't worked, his expiremnts are always killed by his nemises the striker team which is currently led by Derek steel. Asant (the Virus engineer mentioned earlier) has come up with the conclusion that he needs to weaken the striker team before sending in the viral projects to finish them off. He toys around with Chronic harmones and stem cells hoping to find connections to the Regressional Virus he is creating. After perfecting the viruses he leads the striker team to his lab and injects only blackstriker through a needle trap. After making it out the night strides on and Blackstriker falls asleep, The next morning he gets up and starts to walk to the mirror feeling even shorter then before, he rubbes his eyes and looks in the mirror letting a second pass before he sends out an ear splitting scream, his body is that of a seven year old and to make matters worse... the city is overthrown by mutations.

  1. Call the others and say whats happened
  2. Find some old clothes and go out
  3. Call the others and tell them to come over
  4. find old clothes, Grab a few guns and go out
  5. Go into a fetal position

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