Baby girl's dorm

Infinite AR - Episode 22916

Jim woke up to find himself a 20 or so year old girl wearing a diaper and footed sleeper in an oversized crib. Looking around, she found herself in what appeard to be a cross between a nursery and a dorm room, with posters of children's shows on the wall and a couple of laptops on the desks. One of them was currently being used by another college-aged girl in a pink night gown. Jim got up and found that the crib was clearly designed to be opened from the inside.

"Morning Jamie," the girl said. "Need help changing, or do you got it?"

"I'll do myself this morning. Thanks anyway, Lottie." Jamie wasn't sure how she knew the girl's name or how she could compose herself to respond so quickly, but she was hardly going to complain about it. She made her way over to her dresser and found a drawer filled with diapers. She quickly untaped her own, wiped herself, and started taping up another before she realized that it hadn't even occurred to her to go to the bathroom or try to do this privately. As she got off the changing table, she noticed a piece of paper taped to the walls:

"Baby Floor Rules:

1. The RA is your Mommy. That's what you'll call her, and that's how you'll treat her.

2. Mommy knows you better than anyone. If she says you're too young to walk, you obviously can't, and you'll spend the rest of the day crawling. If you have a term paper to write, and Mommy tells you that you don't know your alphabet yet, then it was obviously silly to sign up for a class that required writing. Magical aids may be provided upon request and may be forcibly used for repeat offenders.

3. No potty. You have diapers for a reason.

4. You're far too young to know about sex. What you do in your own locked dorm room is your business, but you don't discuss anywhere else. On this floor, as far as you know, married people just kiss a lot and sometimes a stork will bring them a baby, and there's no reason to think a naked boy would look much different than a naked girl.

5. Because of this, you don't see anything inherently wrong with nudity and won't go out of your way to prevent people from seeing your body unless you have a good reason. You also see nothing inappropriate about touching or being touched in most of your body aside from your genitals and won't make a big deal out of it unless it hurts or something.

6. You have registered an age between 1 and 3. You will always refer to yourself as that age, and you will use that to reference your relative age to others. I.e. you might refer to a regular toddler as "a kid my age," and if your brother is five years old, he's your older brother.

7. All visitors to this floor aside from parents, siblings, and babysitters have to adopt the above rules while they're on it, or the floor will automatically force them to.

8. Most important of all, have fun. You're a kid. Go nuts."

Jamie decided to

  1. go with it and check out this floor.
  2. check out the other floors.
  3. ask Lottie what's going on.
  4. flagrantly disregard all of those rules like some kind of jackass.
  5. jump out the window.

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