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Infinite AR - Episode 22750

After all the school buses had left Luke and Katie meet up in the school parking lout "so Katie show me the gun" said Luke. Katie soon pulled out her ray gun and showed it to him "so this is it" said Luke. "Yep this thing can change a persons age" explained Katie " so cool can I give it a go" asked Luke "sure thing" answered Katie but soon the school grounds keeper showed up "what are you two stupid kids doing here" he screamed "hay you can't call us that" said Katie then the grounds keeper looked down at Katie and said " I can call you what ever I whant i'am the adult here and you two are just stupid little 7 year olds" "but where 13" said Luke "I don't care how old you two are i'am the adult and you will listen to me" he said as the grounds keeper looked over to Katie Luke pointed the ray gun at him.

  1. The grounds keeper becomes a 17 year old
  2. The grounds keeper becomes a 10 year old
  3. The grounds keeper becomes a 7 year old

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