Nine Months Later

Infinite AR - Episode 22745

"Congratulations miss. It's twins!" the delivery nurse grinned. It had been 9 months since the whole incident with Jim and Mike, and now Katie was ready to let them back into the world again, whether she liked it or not.

"Let me see them," Katie gasped happily, still recovering from labor, though it had been nowhere near as painful as she had expected, "Let me see my beautiful boys."

"Boys, miss?"

"Yes..." Katie repeated, "My two boys..."

"Miss, you must be delusional from labor. You've given birth to twin girls."

Katie's eyes widened for a second. She hadn't bothered to get any checks done because, well, she'd just naturally assumed that Jim and Mike would come back as boys. But this, well, this was shocking. But in the end, she didn't care, they were hers now, and that was all that mattered. She smiled again, "Show me them."

Seeing her two newborn baby girls, who had once been her older brother and her neighbor, for the first time as they were now, Katie's heart melted. She felt like she couldn't love anything any more than them, with everything she'd been through to get to this point only serving to amplify those feelings.

"Would you like to name them now, miss?"

"Yes, yes I would." Katie caressed each of her girls' cheeks lightly, "This little one," she touched the one she instinctively knew was Jim, "her name is Jamie, and she," she moved on to Mike, "is Mia."

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