Luke over hears and asks for Kaiti help

Infinite AR - Episode 22742

Jim and Zack walked off leaving Luke byhimself to walk to school. What they didn't know was Luke heard there coonversation and made an evil grin. When he got to school he found Kaity and said, "You probably don"t remember me but I am Zacks little brother and hes friends with your big or should I say little brother Jim." Kaiti hearing him looked confused, "Ok but what do you mean little brother. Everyone knows Jim is older than me." Luke said, "Listen cut the crap I know you have a devise that can lower someones age. I also know you lowered Jims. I don't care why but I do care that I want my older brothers age down you understand." Kaiti grinned and said, "I think this will be the start of a beautiful friend ship." Luke smiled and said, "After school we will contact again." After school

  1. Kaiti betrays Luke and turns him even younger
  2. Luke makes Kaiti realise she acting dumb and turns over the gun to Jim
  3. Luke steels the gun
  4. Kaiti and Luke work together
  5. SE

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