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Infinite AR - Episode 22737

Katie grabs the gun out of her bag and points it at the woman and baby Katie then fires the the gun and the the baby started to grow soon the baby boy was 4 years old and his diaber was geting tater the was now 28 years old with a youthful glow. The baby was still growing the boy was now 11 years old and his diaber just flown off his body the woman was 19 now and yet she didn't notice she was geting younger or that the now her baby was 16 years old. Her dress started to full of her shoulder as she became a child the now 21 year old man was siting naked in a baby stroller and that was where the growing stoped for the man but the woman was a little baby girl playing in a over sized dress. Katie was now steering at the naked man in the stroller for some reason the man had a body that looked lick Taylor Lautner's but before anyone soar what she did the bus showed up and she ran on.

  1. Katie uses the gun on the bus
  2. Katie uses the gun at school
  3. Katie gets to school

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9/9/2012 8:49:29 AM

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