Jim is turned into an eight year old

Infinite AR - Episode 22728

Katies laughs and says, "Your absolutely right I don't want you to go through puberty so I will change you." Jim said, "Whew thank you." Katie aimed the age gun and shot her brother. Jim looked in the mirror and screamed, "Why did you make me even younger." Kati laughed and said, "Well atleast know your not going through puberty" Jim said, "I meant age me higher not lower." Kaiti laughed at her brother who was know in the body of atleast eight she said, "Seriously did you think I would. I don't want you older I want you younger." Jim was angry then

  1. Kaiti decides to make him younger
  2. There mother comes in
  3. Kaiti realises her error and makes Jim right age
  4. Jim manages to get the age gun
  5. SE

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