Infinite AR - Episode 227

Jim looked at the frightened young boy, no older than eight, maybe nine, who stood in a pile of large clithes. Then he looked at his hand. "How the hell did that happen?" he said. There was a slight cough from behind that asked for attention, "Thank you for letting me use your body, Mister." the girl said, "I would have used one of them, but they had protection charms. Those things are annoying. Too bad he didn't think to protect against THAT one." Jim was very confused by this point. He turned around again when he heard the boy speak, "Please..." he said, "change me back." The girl scowled in such a way that no one her age should be ableto do. "No," she said, "as a matter of fact..." the boy spoke again, almost with her voice, "I have a better punishment for you." The girl panicked, flattening her hands on her faded pink dress and screaming, "What have you done to me!?" The boy smiled, "Body hopping is a speciality. You got me stuck as a little girl with all your counter charms, but they all fell away after my last spell on you. Enjoy your new life." He turned to Jim, "Thank you for your help. Another hour and they'd have bound me to that body forever." Jim blinked in quiet confusion, "Don't mention it... I guess." the boy smiled and said, "I'm very sorry about this next bit." "What next bit?" Jim said to himself before noticing the oversized clothing hanging off his small shoulders. "That bit." Jim's body said, "I'm in need of something more suitable than a child. I'll give it back in a little while, I promise. Once my business is finished. In the mean time I can get you some decent clothes if you like. There's a store right around the corner." Jim nodded slowly, quite shocked by everything that had happened. Whoever was in Jim's body stood up and took his small hand, leading him off. "You'll be staying with a couple of friends for a bit. They've handled this sort of thing before." "What about me?!" the girl shouted. Jim's body looked back, "What about you?" he asked. "Well... change me back!" "No." he led Jim to the street and rounded the corner to the store. The girl pouted and hugged herself in the corner, "Shit..."

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