Infinite AR - Episode 22622

Angelina thought she was seeing things, but the reality is that she was actually growing younger right before her eyes. The faint lines she was trying to hide all these years were fading away to nothing, as her skin was completely smooth and flawless. She could feel her breasts rising higher and was loosing the sagginess that was started a few years ago. The fat around her waist flattened, leaving her stomach firm and her hourglass figure completely flat. She also noticed that the gray streaks on her hair darkening, leaving her coal black hair devoid of aging while the shine of it was returning. Angelina looked on and was amazed by this.

But as she was watching, something really strange happened. Looking on, she noticed that her white cloth bra and panties morphing before her eyes. Not only that her body was regressing, but her clothing as well. Her bra readjusted size to match her breasts and changed color to a silhouette red and it looked completely see through with her pointed nipples showing. Her panties changed as well to fit the same size as her shapely waist. Other stuff was added on her body too. There were a pair of silky see through pantyhose down her leg and up to her mid thighs. Around her waist is a silk harness with straps at the pointed bottom to the tops of the pantyhose. Angelina looked on in disbelief and looked like she was ten years younger and wearing some provocative lacy underwear, like she was reliving her final college days.

Jim looked at the changes through the tree house and finds it intriguing. Watching a mother regressed to a college girl is somewhat entertaining, but it was all in the name of testing. As he was watching, he noticed that Angelina was still regressing. She was looking at the mirror as she regressed past her twenties and entered her late teens.

She could feel herself shrinking down to four to five inches. It was obvious that she was going through a reverse growth spurt since she's had the last one when she was nineteen. Her body was also starting to look less mature but at the same time remained sexy. Her breasts were downgraded from CC to just plain Cs but were still plumped and bouncy for a teen chest. Her hips decreased by a few centimeters yet still obtains its curves and hourglass figure. Her muscles were slowly eroding but it still has its tone and athletic ability. Her face remained the same, but it was beginning to show signs of her childhood innocence. Her nose was a tad smaller, her eyes were a little bigger, and structure looked a little rounder. Her black hair started to shrink upwards as it brushed her shoulders, and she could swear that the pigment of her hair was getting a little lighter. It's obvious because when she was young, her hair was sandy blonde and grew darker when she grew older. Now that she's growing younger, her hair was looked dark chocolate brown.

As Angelina's body regressed, her clothes changed to match her age. The stocking on her legs slowly faded away until there was nothing on them. Then the bra and panties shrank to fit the dimensions of her body. The fabric changed from see-through to lace and the color changed from red to sky blue. It now looked like lingerie she used to wear when she was a teen. In fact, her entire body looked like the time she was a senior in high school and is on the verge of graduating.

Jim's heart was beating even more as his hormones were racing. Seeing a mature woman go down to her late teens was quite entertaining, especially when she's at the peak of maturity. He felt like he wants to date her cause of the way she looks. But didn't want too since she does have a family to take care of. As he was watching, he looked on to see if the changes have stopped. But as he was watching, he noticed Angelina regressing some more.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Angelina realized that she was going back down in age. She went down two more reverse spurts and was below her five-foot rank. Her body continues to erode away as she was looking more like a mid teen girl then an adult. Her C cup breasts degraded more and shrunk to a pair of perky B cups. Her hips shrank a little more and were less curvy, but still had her hourglass shape. Her arms and legs shrunk with body and lost some of its muscles, yet it remained toned and healthy through her teen years. Her brown hair shrank a little more as it brushed her shoulders while the pigment was beginning to lighten. Even her face was showing signs of it being less mature with her head getting rounder, her nose getting a little smaller, and her eyes looking a little bigger.

The changes then happened to her clothes yet again the moment she got younger. The bra and panties shrank to fit her body as the cup sizes of her bra match the size of her now shrunken breasts. The sky blue color of both lingerie then darkened to black and puffed up into a smoothing texture. It was something that Angelina went through during her teenage years, looking like all the older girls in high school. Angelina looked at the mirror long enough and could tell that she regressed to fifteen years of age and was pushed back to a freshman in high school.

The changes immediately stopped and Angelina was shocked in total disbelief by what happened. Jim looked on at the show in his tree house and liked every second of it. Watching her go from a wife and mother to a teenage dream was very interesting. But looking down at his gun, he knew that his testing was a sheer success. Back in the house, Angelina looked on and was speechless at what just happened. What's her reaction be?

  1. Happy
  2. Shocked
  3. Angry
  4. Her Mind Regressed to Match her Age

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