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Infinite AR - Episode 22621

Angelina watched as her body youthened. Of course Jim watched as well. Her raven black hair reverted back to its fuller look and luster. The hint of gray was gone, now replaced with a youthful shine. Her body slimmed and firmed. Lines faded on her face, replaced by a smooth, younger complexion.

Jim was pleased to see that the remote worked perfectly. Better than he could ever imagine. Angelina was regressing from a 34 year old mother into a 20 something. Barely 20 at that by this point.

As excited as she was to be regaining her youth she also wondered how it could be possible. Hadn't she wished to be younger? Could that really be what is happening? A wish?

Another thought washed over her- When would the process stop?

Although he had no way to know Angelina's thoughts, Jim was wondering the same thing. After all, he used the random function on the remote.

Angelina also noted other changes. It wasn't her body this time, although it was still youthening, it was her thought patterns. Her emotions! Her mind wasn't working as a mature adult any longer and she could tell it but she couldn't control it. It was as if she was regressing into a teenager again. One look in the mirror confirmed this. Her emotions continued their own regression. She was worried and excited at the same time. Happy. Scared. Confused. A thousand conflicting emotions filled her now teenaged mind.

Angelina kept examining her hands, her legs... turning to get a different view in the mirror. She was no longer an adult. At least not a mature adult. She was just a girl. An 18 year old girl.

Jim could see the process had stopped. Angelina was also noticing that the process had stopped.

Her mind raced again. What would her husband think? Would he like her like this? What would her daughter think? What would other people think when they see her with her husband and daughter? Would her husband be seen as a dirty old man or would they think he's out with his daughters?

The questions just kept coming. More thoughts filled her head. She did some quick math and realized by the time she was 34 years old again her husband would be in his 50's. Would that be so bad she wondered? But then she wondered if she would now age normally? Would she wake up one day and her youth gone again or will she age normally? Will she age at all?

Jim had to admit that the teenaged Angelina was sure a little hottie. He wondered if he should tell her what he'd done. Or if he should restore her before anyone saw her like this. Or try a different age on her. He had to admit, he wouldn't mind spending a little time with the youthened woman. Maybe if he used the awareness button on the remote or the reality button...

He had a decision to make...

  1. Jim decided to make her younger
  2. Jim decided to talk to her
  3. Jim decided to restore her
  4. Her daughter came home
  5. Her husband came home

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