Try the Remote on His Next Door Neighbor

Infinite AR - Episode 22619

Thinking about his options, Jim decided to try the device on the neighbor next door Angelina Miller. She and her family moved in five years ago and her family made good friends with his family. She has a husband that she met in college ten years ago and a daughter at five years of age. Her husband works as a businessman in an investment company while she works as a fashion designer. Though at age 34, her body was by far the hottest thing on her. Her height was 5'5 and her physical body was completely shapely. Her breasts, which she gained in her early puberty at eleven, are huge CC cups, making them feel a little bouncy and round. She has a curvy waistline that gives off a nice hourglass shape. Her arms and legs very tone and shapely after all those years working out since she was a teen, especially after her pregnancy. Her face is the best of features with an oval structure, smooth skin, hazel nut eyes, and a slim elegant nose. Her coal black hair was long and shiny as it goes past her shoulders.

Jim thought about this and believe that Angelina could be the perfect candidate for his device. Plus, she was starting to show some aging and she needed to have a youthening look. Not only that, but her husband was away from business and her daughter is at school. So that means there won't be any interruptions between her and Jim. Looking at the ray gun, he smiled and was now prepared to test his remote on her. The only problem is that how to get close to her without showing the remote, let alone letting her know where he was. Thinking of his options, he knows of the perfect place to go. So he left the house and went to the one spot he won't be found.

At the house next to Jim's, Angelina was at her bedroom/study room starting to work on the next fashion project for her boss. She had her window open to let the cool breeze in since she was feeling a little hot and needed some air to keep the room cool. What her boss wants is a new line of lingerie for the collection. Putting together some designs, she was already stumped as to what to do. Rubbing her forehead, she sighed and said to herself, "Argh... This isn't getting me anywhere. I've had a few good ideas, but now I'm on empty. What am I going to do?" After contemplating this for a few moments, she looked back and saw her full-length mirror she always uses to get dressed up. Starring at it, she came to the decision and said, "Well, if I'm going to get some ideas for this lingerie collection I might as well put together some inspiration. No harm in that right?" So she got up from her desk and approached the mirror. When she got there, she then started to strip in front of the mirror. She slowly removed her stylish blouse, black skintight pants, and 3 inch black loafers. Once she was nearly exposed, she took a good look at herself and liked her body.

It was lean and sexy with her look and always made some heads turn on some men. What she had on to attain that look were a white cloth bra with matching panties, something an everyday mother could love. As she was observing herself in the mirror, she soon realizes that father time is starting to take away the things that made her beautiful. She could see a few gray strands appearing within her black hair and there were faint lines beginning to show under her eyes and around her mouth. She could even see her breasts were ripening and were on the verge of sagging. Thankfully, her bra manages to keep them up, but it would be a matter of time before they start to droop. She could even see her waistline getting a muffin top around the hips area, though it made her look more sexy it would make it worse in the near future. Groaning to herself, she then said, "Looks like I'm about to reach old age soon. I hate it when that happens. I try my best to look good and my biological clock continues to tick. Sometimes I wish that I were younger so I wouldn't have to worry about aging so badly. In the meantime, I better enjoy my youth while I still can." So she started to pose in the mirror and tried to inspire herself on some new designs for this collection.

As she was looking at herself in the mirror, Jim was at the one place she would never expect. In the backyard, there is an old tree house Jim use to have when he was younger. He and his friends use to hang out in that place for get together, club meetings, and having fun. Now as he is older, he rarely uses the clubhouse anymore other then his private spot to study and do other things. But the best part of it all is that his old clubhouse is close to Angela's bedroom window, so it gives Jim the best of views.

Looking on, Jim could see Angelina looking at herself in her mirror with nothing but bra and panties on. This gives him a chance to experiment as he said, "Perfect! She's out in the open and is half naked in her room. This is all too perfect. Time to get started with my plan." Looking down at the device he created, he got started with the settings. First he wanted it to be age regression cause Angelina wanted to be young again. As for the age he wants her to be, it was hard to tell. He didn't know if he would let her be in her twenties, her teens, or into her childhood. So, careful not take the risk, he decided to let it go to random cause the device will know when the regression will stop. Then there's the clothing option, as in if he wants to clothing to change to match her age or not. He choose to let her clothing to change instead of not. The last thing he wanted is to let her regress and let her bra panties to fall off of her. The rest of the stuff he decided to pass on, things like mental change and reality altering. The last thing he wants is to make the situation much worse then that. Plus, he can return her to her old self incase her family comes cause if they see a woman or girl in the house, then things could get a whole lot ugly. With all the options set, he looked at the device and smiled to himself. "All right, everything seems to be in place." Jim said with eager anticipation, "Now let's put it to the test." Pointing the device at the wife, he pushed the button and the beam came out of it and went through the open window and to Angelina.

At the same time Angelina was taking a good look at herself and was still stumped on what to do with the lingerie collection her boss wanted her to do. Almost immediately, she felt an electric pulse hit her and spread through her body. Feeling a little dizzy she started to say, "Whoa... What hit me? I feel really weird." As she was thinking about that, she felt a warm feeling in her body and it was tingling all over her skin. Curious, she looked at the mirror and thought she was getting some kind of sickness. But when she looked at the mirror, she noticed something she didn't expect. From what she could understand is that the faint lines on her face were fading away and her breasts were starting to firm up. Putting the two and two together, she immediately came up with the answer and said out load, "Oh my God! I'm getting younger!!!" And indeed she was right. Her body is getting younger the more she stared at the mirror. But the main question is how much younger and when will it stop?

  1. 24 (graduated from college)
  2. 18 (an official adult)
  3. 15 (a teenager)
  4. 13 (a preteen)
  5. 11 (entering early puberty)
  6. 18 (And official Adult) (New Story)
  7. 11 (entering early puberty) (New Story)
  8. 8 (A Real Kid)
  9. 5 (A young child)
  10. 2 (A Toddler)
  11. Newborn

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