His mother turns into a baby from the ray

Infinite AR - Episode 2246

The ray engulfed his mother. At first she just glowed from the ray, but then suddenly she started shrinking. It was more like an age backwards process, starting from middle age of about forties. All the while she just stood there with a dazed look on her face. She aged backwards. Soon she was reaching her thirties and her breasts were sagging as much, her gray hairs were all gone. Suddenly she was reaching her twenties and looking much younger. Her breasts were much plumper. She was also thinner. Too Jim, his mother seemed to be getting much prettier as she was getting younger. Then she reached her teens. She looked to be around Jim's age. Jim was actually thinking she was very hot. At this point her pants fell down her legs, however her blouse was now covering up her crotch area. After a few seconds she reached puberty and her breats were comepletely gone now. In fact her hips started shrinking down too. If it could be seen, he would have noticed his mom's vagina was also less mature now and shrinking with her. Another few seconds and she looked to be no more than six. Her hair was shorter about shoulder length, and it was now more a blonde color. The blouse came down to her knees and she looked like a little girl that was trying to play dress up. while she was reaching this age, his mother's panties fell to the floor. Then the change finalized as she reached about three years old. Her hair had thinned out. The shirt now came down to the floor and only her head was sticking out. Then the shirt fell off of her shoulders and there stood a naked three year old girl that was his mother. Suddenly some baby fat started appearing on his mother and she fell over onto her back. Then she had to lay down as her bodies muscles couldn't even hold her up in a sitting postion on her own. She was now about the age of six months old, and she was in a really big shirt. And that is when the transformation seemed to stop for her.

  1. She retained her normal mind
  2. Her clothes started changing to that of what a 6 month baby would wear
  3. Her mind also regressed
  4. Reality shifted and Jim was her brother, and they had a 'new' mom
  5. Reality shifted and Jim was now her dad
  6. Even Further Back

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5/30/2006 1:07:00 AM

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