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Infinite AR: Another One Rides the Bus [Episode 22141]

Another One Rides the Bus

Infinite AR - Episode 22141

Jim got on the bus with the other kids from his stop. They were all busy with the conversations that were more important than anything else to a ten-year-old, "Hey! Did you guys see Adventure Time last night?" one boy said excitedly. "Adventure Time is stupid." a young girl said. "That's just cause you don't have Cartoon Network and your a green eyed monster!" "Am not!" "Are too!" Jim was distracted from the scene by the bus driver shouting, "Hey! You two keep it down over there!" Jim sat down and watched the paper balls fly around, other kids peeling the duct-tape off the the seats, and the kids behind him kicking the back of his seat. This continued on for what seemed like days as the bus made frequent stops to accommodate smaller children who were afraid of walking too far. Thats when it dawned on him, how could he do anything if he didn't even know what class he was in?! Fortunately when the bus stopped at the school he learned that he wouldn't have to worry because...

  1. There was a big banner saying, "WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!"
  2. Jim had a friend there who shared his class

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