Mom agrees with Clair

Infinite AR - Episode 21910

"You are right Clair. Going to the bathroom is so inconvenient. I hate having to stop what I'm doing just to go use a toilet." said Mom. "Why don't you just wear diapers then?" Clair asked. "I think it costs to much to just buy diapers all the time." Then Mom perked up and said "so instead I have decided to just start going to the bathroom in my panties. I mean it would just be so convenient to just be able to go potty wherever I am with no hassle or pressure to get to the bathroom."

Clair mulled this over in her head for a minute and then said "I can see what you are getting at, but wouldn't it get really messy?" "It could, but I can always bring changes of clothes which are a lot easier to carry than clean diapers and I can always just clean them later." Clair thought about this and then said "I guess going potty in your pants is a good option besides using a toilet. I will have to remember that in case I ever run out of diapers." Mom beamed with pride at her new revelation.

  1. Mom goes potty in her pants right now
  2. Mom goes potty in her pants somewhere else
  3. Clair switched to panties
  4. Clair has another accident
  5. Something else
  6. can some one add to this branch please

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