Unknown side effects

Infinite AR - Episode 2188

Jim played with sharon for over an hour, but then he noticed that sharon had wet herself, " does my little girl need to be changed?" said jim she just giggled. So he picked her up and took her to get a fresh diaper. He was having so much fun that he decided not to change her back to normal. But what he didnt know was that because he didnt change her back for a long time, some random effects would take place and become permanent. So when he changed her back a week later...

  1. she was forever mentaly regressed
  2. she had lost all bladder and bowel control
  3. she throught wearing diapers and acting like a baby was natural
  4. something else
  5. she would forever enjoy wearing and using diapers

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1/18/2006 7:13:08 PM

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