Teen Granny

Infinite AR - Episode 21826

Jim watched as his grandmother rocked back and forth in her chair. As she rocked back and forth, it seemed that each subtle regression on her body happened. Her white hair with silver streaks brightened and brightened with each passing second until it was a bright orange red color. The cats eye glasses she wore disappeared from her face altogether as it looked like she had gotten her clear vision that she had once had in her youth. Her saggy skin strengthened back to how she had them around the time she was just graduating from high school. Her face started to become more youthful and innocent. Her figure began to diminish back to the point of developing. Her floral dress morphed into skinny jeans and a white t shirt with a light sleeve purple jacket. Her withered sandals became stylish tennis shoes. Jim couldn’t help but be a little attracted to his rejuvenated granny. “Jim, we going out or what?” Julia said in her youthful voice. “E-excuse me?” Jim asked, confused at what’s going on. “We’re boyfriend and girlfriend aren’t we?” Julia replied. “You said we were going out this Friday and today’s Friday so COME ON, what are we going to do?”

  1. Go to the movies
  2. Go to a restaurant
  3. Jim’s Mom walks in

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