One Good Looking ex-Grandmother

Infinite AR - Episode 21825

Jim watched as his grandmother rocked back and forth in her chair. As she rocked back and forth, it seemed that each subtle regression on her body happened. Her white hair with silver streaks brightened and brightened with each passing second until it was a bright orange red color. The cats eye glasses she wore disappeared from her face altogether as it looked like she had gotten her clear vision that she had once had in her youth. Her saggy skin strengthened back to how she had them around the time she was just graduating from high school. Her floral dress was something else Jim had never really cared much for, so instead her shirt became white while a red jacket seemed to almost grow out of her skin but really was just another piece of clothing. A purple scarf also took shape around her neck. To complete the new look, her old withered-looking sandals turned into blue flats shoes with a flower on the front of them. When it was all over, Jim couldn't help but look at the woman sitting in the rocking chair who he knew to be his grandmother, but now because of her mental and reality adjustment, she was a whole new person. The new youthful Julia then turned her head away from the soap opera she had been watching and looked at Jim with a seductive style. "Jimmy, I know you just didn't invite me over here so I could get to know your mom. You promised you were going to take me out somewhere." Julia said in her new youthful voice as she slowly slid her index finger on Jim's shoulder. "O-Out?" Jim questioned. "I know you're still a little embarrassed to be dating a college girl; but I really want this to work out." Julia said as she pecked a kiss on Jim's cheek.

  1. Jim takes Julia to a restauraunt
  2. Jim takes Julia to the movies
  3. Jim and Julia go swimming in Jim's pool
  4. Jim decides to regress his mother too

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