Elementary, my dear Jim

Infinite AR - Episode 21787

Jim tore the room apart, trying to find his invention, but then it struck him. He didn't invent it. He never made it and would never make it for another five or six years and even then he'd have to start from scratch. The bugs, the glitches, the short circuits, and no notes to work with, no sketches, nothing! Jim was stuck in the fifth grade, barely out of the fourth... "Jamie!" Jim cringed at his mothers little pet name for him, Jim-James-Jamie not hard to figure out, "Hurry up!" "Alright Mom, give me a minute!" Jim kept looking, he wasn't stuck! He couldn't be stuck as a ten-year old! "James you get down her right now!" Jim stiffened up, afraid of what would happen if he didn't do as she said. Wait! Why was he so frightened? Who cares, he'd best get down there before she pops. Jim ran to his mom, fearing his punishment if he didnt come fast enough. His mother gave him a stern look...

  1. "Congratulations, you missed the bus again."
  2. "You've got 2 minutes till the bus comes, hurry up or youll miss it!

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