Jim calls Sharon

Infinite AR - Episode 21676

Jim who hiding in the guest room called Sharon. She picked up and said, "Hello." Jim said, "Sharon is this you." Sharon said, "Yes who is this." Jim said, "Its Jim." Sharon said, "Aww did your mommy allow you to call me that so cute." Jim said, "So you do know me." Sharon said, "Yes I know you silly baby. I am your babysitter." Jim said, "And your alright with my parents treating me like a baby." Sharon said, "Well I wasnt at first but your parents explained it and seeing you pee and poop yourself I was alright." Jim was shocked he said, "What?" Sharon said, "Oh sorry I must have used big words I forgot your inteligenc or smartness is really low. When I come over tonight I will explain." Jim asks, "Who else knows about me?" Sharon said, "Everyone silly. I gotta go I will be over to watch my favorite baby tonight. Bye." Jim wonders what she meant everyone knows. Then

  1. Jims mom walks in and grabs him
  2. Jim goes back to the crib.
  3. SE

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