Jim didnt want to fight so he took his nap

Infinite AR - Episode 21671

Jims mother said, "Oh well lets get you a new diapee anyway." Jims mother then picked him up and laid him on the table. She took the straps and strap her son so he wouldnt fall. Thin his mother unbottoned the onesie and lifted it up. Then she unstrapped the diaper. She said, "Oh you are clean well you need some more powder on your tiny peepee." Jims mother grabbed the powder and powdered Jim. She then retaped the diaper and rebuttoned the onesie. While doing this Jim looked at the crib and realised that nap time would be perfect way to escape and get out before more things happen. Meanwhille his mother finsihed unstrapping her son she lifted him up and put him on the floor. She then said, "Jimmy its cold so I am going to put you in your pjs." Jims mother went to the closet and pulled out an adult baby footie pajama. She then grabbed Jims legs and put them in. Jim said, "Mom I think I can do this myself." Hearing this Jims mother took out a pacifier and shoved it in hersons mouth and put the strap around his head so he couldnt get it off. She said, "Ok now hush you know babies dont dress themselves." So his mother continued to put him in footie pajamas. When she was done she zippered it up. But before he was put in the crib she said, "Oh we cant forget the mittens." His mother went to the dresser and took out mittens then she put it on her son and tightened the rope around the rist. Jim thought that it might be an obstacle but he could get those off. Jims mother then lowered the crib and picked up her son and laid him in the crib. Then to Jims surprise she strapped her sons hands down with the straps from the crib and legs. Now Jim knew he couldnt get out. His mother raised the bar and left. Jim

  1. Jim falls asleep and wakes up noticing changes
  2. Jim falls asleep and wakes up with out changing
  3. Jim manages to get out of the hand straps but his parents catch him
  4. Jim manages to get out of the hand straps and escape
  5. SE

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