Freaky new present

Infinite AR - Episode 21659

When Jim returned to the present, he noticed right away that things werent the same. Obvously since Jim made sure Katie was never born, she no longer existed. For one his clothes werent the same as they were when he left. He was wearing an adult size onsie and a diaper. His room was filled with adult size baby stuff...crib, changing table, etc. As if an adult baby lived here. Soon Jim's mom came in.

There is my big boy. Let mommy let you take your nap she said.

Mom, Im 17. Im too old for naps said Jim

Now Jimmy, you know since your dad cannot have children since that incident 12 years ago, we cannot have another child. So we dropped you out of kindergarten and treated you like a baby since she responded

Jim didnt think of how crazy his parents would be without a second child and now they treated him like a baby since. Jim then..

  1. realized the time machine is missing
  2. went back and fix everything
  3. went back and fix it so they wouldnt treat him like a baby
  4. decided leave things the way they were
  5. ran

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12/12/2011 2:48:01 PM

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