Changing Diapers, and Positions

Infinite AR - Episode 2161

Sarah turned and fell out of her seat. When she landed she felt her bladder release itself into her Pull-ups. Ashley looks up. "Uh- oh...looks like someone had a little accident." Ashley helped pick Sarah up and took her back to the restroom to put her on the changing table. Ashley took off Sarah's wet Pull-up and tossed it away. "I'm glad I brought just the thing," said Ashley as she pulled out a diaper. Sarah's mind was racing. Two hours ago she had been standing at a fountain carelessly wishing and now she was in a diaper being changed by the same girl who was now wearing her lingerie and jiggling around her previous body parts. Sarah started to cry. "Oh now, don't worry," said Ashley as she picked Sarah up.

  1. They leave.
  2. They stay.
  3. They die.
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