Curiousity killed the cat

Infinite AR - Episode 2149

Not believing Sammi, Jim walks over to the crib and scoffs "I'll show you that's just a bunch of hocus pocus."

Jim climbs into the crib and suddenly feels everything get much larger around him as his clothes become gargantuan, forcing him to scramble out of them and leaving him naked.

Jim wants to cry out "What the hell?" but finds his voice is several octaves higher and he can't articulate as well, so it comes out as a high-pitched "Wha da hewl?"

Sammi walks over to the crib, smiling mischievously. "Hocus pocus, huh? Well my sweet little boy, I guess curiousity does kill the cat! Now, let's get Jamie into his diapers before he makes a big mess all over his nice crib."

As Sammi carries baby Jamie over to the changing table, they pass a mirror and Jamie sees an adorable tow-headed baby boy of no more than two.  Sammi pulls out a size five disposable diaper and places it around his waist. Giving him a baby blue pacifier, she places him back in his crib, says "nighty night!" turns the lights off and leaves, closing the door behind her.

Baby Jamie then...

  1. Falls asleep
  2. Tries to get out of the crib
  3. Messes his diaper
  4. Begins to mentally regress

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3/9/2006 6:28:57 PM

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