Kirk now knew how to fix it

Infinite AR - Episode 21408

Once Jamie got bored of it and couldn't think of the simple things she knew how to do as a boy wandered off and had developed a sudden intriguing interest in dolls. Jamie was later found caring for her old teddy bear. Kirk who once was Katie now had a growing desire to see how things worked and loved taking things apart. While Jamie was working on a gun. Kirk had taken apart Jamie's old radio. It hadn't worked for a week. He had taken out the circuit board and was curious about the ray gun Jamie had left on the table. How close was it to a match? Looking at both of them found them not to be much of a match the concept was still the same. Kirk pulled out a multimeter and set it to the continuity testing, which he had learned to do from watching what his previous older brother must've taught more than he would've previously thought. With some extra solder left around he had fun digging through Jim's old stuff that now Jim being Jamie no longer kept interest in. He found a solder iron and started going to work. Seeing a two year old with so much focus on one task in itself didn't look too extraordinary, however seeing how he was working on the one task was extremely phenomenal. Considering the advanced level at which he was working. After some time tinkering...

  1. Gun misfires making things worse
  2. Gun misfires showing an improvement
  3. Kirk drenched his training pants.

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