Infinite AR - Episode 2131

When Jim sat in the driver's seat, something that required certain effort, he noticed his feet couldn't reach the accelerator, they didn't even went beyond the seat! He stretched his arms trying to hold the steering wheel, failing completely. Not only that, he began to get nervous, enough to lose control of his bladder and feel the warm liquid in his crotch. Jim stood in the seat, and by jumping over it, he managed to look his face at the mirror. What he saw was a kid, not over 2 years, with red chubby cheeks and a surprise face. Just as the urine began to feel cold, Jim...

  1. closed his eyes, wishing for that never happened
  2. peed again
  3. tried to drive back to home
  4. toddled back to the wizard's house
  5. felt his clothes weird

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1/10/2006 11:58:41 PM

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