Another fan charater?! Ugh!

Infinite AR - Episode 21053

Eggmans mustache and other body hairs go back inside and back out on his head as long flowing hair. His nose then shrinks and turns lighter as his face changes shape turning rounder softer and cuter. then his fat shrinks just a bit and separate into 4 parts away from his stomach into his but and now G sized breasts to make a nice hour glass figure on his body that cant be any older than 18. Then we cut to Sonic the hedgehog smashing a cluck in middle of a coca doodle doo. "Thank you for freeing me Sonic!" Sonic waves back "Any time Miss Beaver!" Then we cut to a man with a shirt saying 4kids hitting me on the head yelling "No!" Then we cut back to the boss fight with Eggman laughing as his voice changes. Knuckles then blushes "Nuts! How can I hit Eggman now that he's a she?" Eggman then says "Dont call me that anymore. I will now only answer as, Miss Pudding. And now

  1. I must make you into my new asistant
  2. Sonic's going to be late for our wedding
  3. I want to know how cute you were as a baby

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9/11/2011 6:37:00 AM

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