Not what Jim planned... but is it... bad...

Infinite AR - Episode 20814

So after gym jim finds that his locker has been ripped off and his machine if gone! After several panic'd minutes of searching he finally starts to leave when several of the seniors, and one of the jocks 'kid brother' block the exit.... holding the machine. "Bobby here," nodding the kid brother, "says he saw you in the bathroom this morning with this thing and you used it to change a guy into a girl. How cracked is that! I think it is just Bull---- but..."


"Holy shit!" "Guys!!! Get that bag of stuff!" and while several of the boys go to get the bag the leader has one of he bigger jocks hold Jim up by his wrists while they strip him naked.

The bag arrives and Bobby's older brother, hank, says, " when i heard about this I thought it was bull, but no sense in being unprepared!" and reaching intot he bag began to pull out seveeral pieces of cheer leading uniform and even some of their dance routine outfits. The last thing to fall out of the bag was a make-up kit.

Jim tries to make a run for it, but the big jock, "Boomer" shoves him up against the wall and the guys start forcing the clothes on him..... panties, gold panties, a gold bra that barerly contains Jim's new breasts, a short black skirt, and a tight sheer black top. they laced the black sequined tennis shoes on her feet over the shiny gold-toned hose and then pinned her arms back while the head cheerleader came in and started going through the makeup. "WOW! She's kind of cute.... are you sure you aren't jerking me around?" "Nah Becky", says Hank,"just make her hot!"

"Hank Michaels! I'll doll 'her' up... but you keep your grubby hands off that!" Hank turns red and stammers, "Hell! I dont want no part of that! He still a guy.. and...well, everybody knows ... and.....well, you KNOW i just want YOU Beckers!" The guys all hoot at this and finally hank says, nah, Bobby found 'her'... so....." and by this time Becky has our new girl powdered, high cheekbones blushed, long dark lashes fluttering.... thank gawd the mascara was waterproof! And she was just adding a second coat of red shiny lipgloss. For the world "jim" locked like a younger version of Madonna.... and Bobby seemed thunderstruck!

They shoved 'Jim' onto a bench, setting down, and took a spare pair of tights to tie her arms behind her to an upright pole. Becky purred, C'mon Bobby! Make out with Ji....JASMINE.... you can be her first! I bet shes YOUr first too! Snicker!"

Bobby tries to back away but the guys are having none of it! The pin HIS arms behind his back and force him closer, and closer to Jasmine .... until the two sets of lips are almost touching. Both kids are wild-eyed and trying to avoid whats coming, but Becky hs slid behind Jasmine with a leg on each side of her hips... stoking jasmine's breasts and is taking charge of the 'show' from this point on.

"C'mon Bobby... it wont hurt! Dooesn't SHE look gorgeous? So soft..... and helpless... ohhhh she is breathing a bit hard too!! Maybe she might like this, huh?? And you KNOw that SHe wont tell!! Kissss herrrr.... Kissss... her...." and the guys pick up the chant "kiss her kiss her!" and Becky drops Jasmine's breasts and reaches behind Bobby's head and pulls him the last inches forward. it isn't difficult. After all, looking at Jasmine's sweet, red, lips and glazzing eyes... and hearing Becky softly coaxing them together has Bobby in a trance! As their lips touch Jasmine begins to shudder a bit and her lips start to part... and Becky croons, "seeeee.... isn't that... nice..." as she reached down and nuzzles our Jasmine's ear.

By this time the guys dont have to hold Bobby's arms, and he starts to explore his new "girlfriend" with more interest....

Becky looks like the cat that ate the cream as she says... "hmmmm perhaps I see a double date coming up for this evening.... What do YOU think Hank?"

  1. Hank goes for it
  2. Bobby wasnt to go... but "solo' with jasmine
  3. they guys are too chicken... but Becky keeps Jasmine with her...
  4. The campus cops show up....
  5. Becky shoots Boomer with the ray... just for the heck of it!

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